Cronusmax black ops 4 aim assist

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Cronusmax black ops 4 aim assist

So, what happened? With the most recent 1.

How To Use MOD CENTRAL To Mod The Strikepack F.P.S Dominator by Collective Minds

Why does this matter? Basically the delay broke the Jitter code. We are particularly proud of this GamePack as the amazing Cronus Community came together, beta tested over and over again and gave excellent, constructive feedback enabling us to put together this awesome pack so quickly after the update.

Black Ops 4 Cronus Max Plus GPC

We strive to give the community the best and I feel we hit that target. X22DOTthe mad scientist himself developed the brand new Speed Toggle Menu Systemand Crescens has done an amazing job helping fine tune the code to the point of it being an art form.

He really has made a name for himself in setting the baseline standard of what Call of Duty modding should be — be sure to check out his awesome scripts in the GPC Library!

The Support Topic for this GamePack can be found herewhere there are plenty of instructions, videos, tips and extra support directly from the developers. Simply select the game of your choice, drag and drop to the Cronus software, enable the mods you wish to use, then select your preferred settings and GO! The CronusMAX PLUS is an award winning video game converter that allows you to use almost any controller on any console as well as the ability to load mods and scripts to supercharge your gaming.

Black Ops 4 Jitter is back! Now Available In Cronus Pro:. A GamePack gives the functionality of a modded controller, without installing out of date chips that void the controllers warranty. Setting up a GamePack is easy! Previous Battlefield V GamePack v1.

cronusmax black ops 4 aim assist

Related Posts. Want to supercharge your gaming? Latest News. CronusMAX Features. GPC Script Library. Cronus Community. Contact Us.

Instruction Manual. Frequently Asked Questions. Previous Next. Test Caption.Home Help Search Login Register. Pages: [ 1 ] 2. Hsinotsha Member Posts: With this setup, if my boots are on the ground shooting someone on no headglitch, it works great, I feel no pulling on the aim assist. However, as soon as I jump shot, shooting someone medium range, I am heavily fighting the aa bubble. I also find myself fighting the aa bubble hard shooting someone on a headglitch as my gun yanks up over top or their head.

But I play competitive, so these little things get me killed. This is the only important parameter, all the other advanced xim settings except smoothing are gimmicks and not needed imo.

It means how much centimeters you need to move your mouse in order to turn around degrees in a game. Playing with boost especially boost that high makes micro movement's and corrections near impossible so i would suggest thats your issue.

Everytime u move just a bit up its jumping '' that direction. At least thats my understanding. Just playing default sync 12k dpi no boost and i dont miss, have u tried that?

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That feels way too sticky for me. The Xim is not a magical tool that is going to make you a god. Time, effort and perseverance is what will take your gaming to the next level. I use hz. I read people try to stay away from curves, so I thought using boost would be better.

Higher sensitivity is the key against aim assist. How high of a sens would I need to feel a difference? With sync off, my ads is That is really unusual. Arm aiming? Me with 12k, sync off, hip 62 ads 42 CoD4. Wrist aiming. SMF 2.We are now offering our customers additional support for the DriveHub - an amazing new product dedicated to Racing Wheels. Brought to you by Collective Minds, the creators of Cronus!

Use this section if you have any questions or hardware related issues with your DriveHub device. Please do not post about scripts or gamepacks here. Post in here and we will be happy to help. How to combine scripts. Use this section if you have any issues with your CronusMAX device. This section is not for script or gamepack support.

Nacon revolution pro If you have an Xbox One you need a DriveHub from our store. Thrustmaster TMX - problem Note: Windows PC required.

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Here you'll find our own tested and approved mouse settings for the top rated mice on the market for the most popular games. Use this section if you are own a XIM product and wish to use it alongside a Cronus device. Make sure you follow the rules on how to request support for scripts and gamepacks! These are the support topics for each GamePack. Setup specifically so you are able to speak to the developer directly and report any bugs, feature requests - or just ask simple questions.

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Ai sensi dellart. 4, co.2, del d.lgs. 149/2011 e stata

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cronusmax black ops 4 aim assist

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a game that requires an abundance of skill, as well as quick-thinking. When you don't want to worry about aiming your weapon, the BO4 is going to save your behind. Everything is completely automated, equipped with smoothing aiming and penetration checks among many other things. Using a proper wallhack is going to turn you into a demigod of sorts. You'll be able to see the action coming in from all angles, ensuring that you aren't able to be ambushed by the enemy.

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Pages: 1 [ 2 ]. The prodigy MVP Posts: Should probably try out steady aim it's great for cutting through aim assist and it doesn't really affect your micro movements as long as you keep it low. Try values between You could also just increase sensitivity but it's gonna be way more obvious you're using a xim and you will probably get disputed a lot since everyone looks out for it nowadays. Hsinotsha Member Posts: Antec Member Posts: Gamertag: Antec If aim assist is bothering that much to the point of having to use that much boost which is terrible btw just turn aa off in your settings.

Try some steady aim keep at it for a couple hours before changing your config and see how you like it. Inbefore I would set up a good DPI and sens. Play test matches against bots to find out what you like to control the aim assist.

Higher sens means better cutting through aim assist. HRO Member Posts: I'm using dpi, 1k pooling hz, sync common, steady aim 5. It works really well.

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Increasing boost is a great way to push past AA and get the snap but using it can also diminish any Aim assist at long range and make you overshoot. I use to use boost to combat aim assist now I'm more in the opinion just increase your senstitvity till the aim assist is less detrimental or disable aim assist completely and just go for a super low senstivity. I use the left half of a PS4 controller for movement - turn on accessibility button assignments and swap R1 and L2 to do this.

Black Ops 4 PC Aim Assist Will Be Turned Off When Playing With Controller

With Maddox is ideal and with ICR more like is ideal for window fights. Boost is really affected by your sens - your average wrist aimer won't feel boost because a jump like that is smaller than their average jitter. The key to being good at shooters is to use a low sens and a big mousepad. Most people on this forum run around in pubs with the GKS and wrist aim, but if you watch counterstrike or talk to top keyboarders on GB and they'll all tell you big mousepad low sens.

I don't miss shots competitively. If you play GBs you understand the difference between hitting every shot against the bots in TDM vs hitting every shot on 5v5 frequency hardpoint with saug double stock camera back jumping you under pipes. Please Delete My Account. SMF 2.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. XeNo Hacks. Showing 1 - 15 of comments. It's there to balance things. Guydodge View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by soshootso :. Black Ops II had no aim assist on controller.

Cronus Community

Even though, on singleplayer and zombies, it should be there. Originally posted by Scimitar :.

cronusmax black ops 4 aim assist

Dude you are an idiot. AW on PC aim assist wasn't as strong as on the console, except when you didn't need it running with ball in uplink and it turns you the other way. You are the typical cod PC kid that doesn't know anything before he speaks. I completely agree. Mouse and keyboard are still at a huge advantage over aim assist with a controller.

That's been proven without a doubt on console, titanfall and gta v. It just makes it painless to use a controller and still be competitive. It's like saying typing is better than using a mic because you already have a keyboard.Home Help Search Login Register.

Pages: [ 1 ] 2. So for some reason, I feel like I'm constantly fighting with my aim in this game. I have a Logitech set to 12, dpi and polling My hip and ads are both My friend says he plays on 30 and has the same mouse and set up as me. He says he thinks thats fast.

I was originally using for my hip and ads, and the 90 feels slow to me. Am I doing something wrong perhaps? I used on Infinite Warfare with no issues. Please give me your thoughts. My guess is you've got Sync set to Off, otherwise your sensitivity numbers would be closer to 5 than Follow Twitter for live stream alerts.

Have you tried adding boost in your ADS curve? Move the first curve position up in increments of.

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Every aspect of movement is tested and optimized when building. I wouldn't have released it if I wasn't happy with performance. The boost suggestion is to try to help with AA which isn't directly related to the look mechanic or ST. Trshy Member Posts: Give it a try: Sync off 12k dpi pol Hip 90 Ads Never ever ever never in partys and never quit a match. I have had less issues with aim assist using artisan shidenkai pad i can definitely tell the difference. Yup fastest in the artisan range glassy coating will wear eventually but no problem i'll get another.

I think that some of you guys overthink these things a bit too much. Embrace the aim assist and abuse it. That's my motto.


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